Social Concerns Ministry


    Saint Leo's Social Concerns Committee is an ongoing, caring ministry that coordinates volunteer efforts for needs that arise in our community. The ministry serves all who require assistance.  The Social Concerns Committee also serves our Parish by providing us with opportunities to serve others, such as:

    • Monthly Food Collection in January      
    • Monthly Food Collection in February     
    • Lenten Sharing Tree in March    
    • Easter Baskets in April     
    • Mother Mary’s Cradle Project in May      
    • “Undee Sundee” Collection in June      
    • Monthly Food Collection in July     
    • Back-to-School Supplies Collection in August      
    • Monthly Food Collection in September    
    • Monthly Food Collection in October       
    • Thanksgiving Baskets in November     

    • Giving Tree and Christmas Baskets in December

    What is the Parish Food Pantry?
    Our Food Pantry is stocked with donations of non-perishable food items for those in need.

    Where do we get the food from?
    Donations come in throughout the year from  . . .

    • You, our Parishioners (Project Loaves and Fishes)
    • The US Postal Service Annual Food Drive
    • Local Boy Scout and Girl Scout Troops
    • Various local Businesses

    Who does the food go to?
    Food is distributed monthly to those who are in need of this service

    What if it's an emergency?
    Please call the Parish Center Office - 732-747-5466 Donations of non-perishable items:

    Parishioners who would like to donate non-perishable food items to our Parish Pantry, please bring them to Church on the Loaves and Fishes weekend. The donations can be placed in the blue bins.

    Thank you as always for your generosity to your Parish family and neighbors in need.

    If you would like to join this Ministry,

    Contact: John & Deirdre Senkewicz