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    On July 8th, 2023 in Steubenville OH, and at other conferences throughout the country, thousands of teens had a life-changing experience. Myself and thousands of other teens grew our love for the Lord and strengthened our relationship with him. It was beautiful and inspiring to share my love and passion for our Lord with many other Catholics my age. Throughout the course of the weekend, many experienced miracles. Upon my first arrival at Steubenville, the main speake, Oscar Riviera, said that many would experience a miracle, and by the end of the weekend those words held to be true. During the Saturday night adoration I felt so close to God that I could hear him speaking to me everywhere, even in languages other than my own. When Oscar was addressing a group in Spanish, I instantly and clearly understood each word he said which translated to “As Latinos we must walk in faith together. I am not a native or fluent Spanish speaker and if the Lord was not talking to me I would have taken a while to break apart and interpret the sentence. When I got back to my dorm room I prayed to God to reassure me whether he was really trying to speak to me. When I was writing down my experiences in my journal the Lord reassuringly answered me that he was speaking to me through a miracle. When I went to write down what was said in Spanish I was able to write down everything exactly as I heard it except the word faith. I had never learned the word faith and I could not remember what the translation of the word was, but I understood what was being said through the voice of God. This moment was proof that the Lord was speaking to me all around when I opened my heart to Him and I was in his presence.

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