Womens' Morning of Reflection (WMOR)

  • WMOR  meets once a month in the Parish Center (in the lower level)

    Our Next Meeting is to be announced.

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    Our goal is to bring women of the Parish together to support each other on their faith journey.

    No matter what your role is in the home, you are busy and it may be difficult to find time to connect with God.

    Come, give yourself 90 minutes once a month to meet with other women of the Parish, as we learn to look within ourselves, share our experiences, and encourage each other to grow into the women that God meant us to become.

    This year we will read the book "When Women Pray" by Kathleen Beckman - a collection of personal stories from 11 Catholic woman and their prayer lives. We will read a chapter a month – not to worry – the chapters are not long, so it will not be "work".  We will then share and reflect when we meet.

    In the past, we have also taken ‘Field Trips’ to the movies, the Blue Army Shrine and a walking reflections in Thompson Park.
    This is a very casual group of women, no need to sign up, just come!

  • Miraculous Medal Shrine

    From Mary Jo Timlin-Hoag, Executive Director of the Shrine. 
    "I particularly like this photo as she appears to be looking down on each of you saying “Welcome, my arms are open to all”.  I would like to welcome you back to the Shrine at any time."

  • The National Blue Army Shrine of Our Lady of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Washington, NJ

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  • "Less of Me and More of Thee"

     And as we always say at WMOR - "What happens at WMOR,
    stays at WMOR"!

    As always, feel free to bring a friend!

    Questions, feel free to email Tricia -

  • Prayer

    Divine Companion,
    you are ever near as I travel
    on the vast river of our relationship.

    Thank you for your grace in my life.

    May I grow daily in my love for you.

    I renew my commitment
    to have you in the center of my life

    I pledge my faithfulness
    to communicate with you every day.